The Space is built to serve.

The Space is a student-run home for business ideas, collaborative projects, deep conversations, media production projects, and the process of bringing ideas to life. Just down the street from Buswell Library, it's filled with whiteboards, conference tables, cutting-edge hardware and software, individual work stations, a 3D printer, and (of course) an espresso machine.  

Our members have around-the-clock access to our resources and workspaces, and we exist to provide Wheaton students with the environment and tools they need to give their ideas shape. It's our vision to become the hub for student-driven creative service on Wheaton's campus.

No idea is too big or too small for this place. And we're here to inspire. Students from across campus use The Space as home turf for their work. It's impossible to make a visit to The Space and not leave inspired by the experiments and conversations fellow students are having in this place. We mean it when we say there's something here for everyone.


Conference Room.jpg

We make The Space, but you fill it.


The Space has A 60" 4K display, a 3D printer, a Mac Pro complete with the Adobe Suite, Final Cut X, and 3D design software, an Apple TV, several workhorse PC towers, floating whiteboards, drafting tables, workstations, a curated library, two floors of meeting rooms and event venues, and a fully furnished kitchen with an espresso machine. However, all of that is nothing without you.


If you would like to become a member, please click HERE!