Paul Vermeesch
Visual Arts, Theology, Creative Catalysis


Paul is an explorer.

He studies media communication and the Hebrew Bible at Wheaton and has substantial experience in media production and entrepreneurship. Running small businesses since he was ten years old, Paul has worked as a freelance photographer and videographer, a feature film animator, a theology writer, and a LEGO architect.

In his spare time, he makes PVC lightsabers and 3D-printed cakes, he rock-climbs, and he performs in Wheaton’s Arena Theater. Though he has positioned himself as the go-to guy on Wheaton’s campus for photography, film, and design, Paul would be just as content to return to his family’s farm in Michigan and spend his days training horses and reading G.K. Chesterton.

Paul would love to see The Space live into its identity as a campus ministry, offering a place for students to encourage, collaborate, disciple, and serve each other.