Membership Cohorts

Membership is service-based, not cash-based. Let's face it. Most of us are broke college students, and if we had our druthers, we'd prefer not to pay for the resources that The Space offers. But most of us also have talents and skills that are incredibly valuable. So we're offering memberships to The Space through a barter system that is highly tailorable to your specific interests. When you commit to join one of the cohorts below and agree to provide your services to The Space, you will be given a key to the building, access to The Space resources and facilities, and you will join a pool of individuals that is top on the list when college organizations and fellow students come looking for creative services.

Event Planning.jpg

Event-Planning Cohort

Members in this cohort commit to plan, schedule, orchestrate, advertise, and host one event of their own choosing each semester. The members of The Space will be invited specifically, but events should be designed for the broader campus community.


Snack Cohort

Members in this cohort commit to make or purchase snacks for The Space three times each semester, roughly $10-$15 in value each.


Artist Cohort

Members in this cohort commit to create and install, debut, or perform two pieces of original artwork at The Space each semester.

Property Maintenence.jpg

Property Maintenence Cohort

Members in this cohort commit to help clean The Space and care for the property, offering 3 hours per semester, prorated by quad. Refer to the job board in the basement of The Space.


Pr Cohort

Members in this cohort commit to promote the mission of The Space in visible ways. They will be responsible for generating, three new members or one-time donors each semester, in any combination.


Patron Cohort

Members in this cohort pay $75 each semester for membership to The Space, prorated by quad.

Build Your Own.jpg

Build-your-own membership

Have an idea for a way to combine cohorts or serve The Space in a creative way that would be worth a membership? Run it past one of our team members and we'll consider it!