Max Pointner
Musicology, Cultural Criticism, Pseudo-Science


Max is a gifted thinker and collector of obscure facts.

Studying music history and theater at Wheaton, Max is constantly connecting ideas from the disciplines he loves. He claims his first book will be on the synthesis between geology and art history. Max is an editor and writer for the Wheaton Record, managing both the Arts and Entertainment section and the Science and Technology section. He is currently pursing a career in journalism and art criticism. An engaging speaker and performer, we all know that Max will quickly become the coolest professor at whatever university he ends up teaching for.

Striking the balance between goofy and arcane, Max composes music, writes plays, and can often be found score-reading Mahler, cooking cactus, or perfecting his chicken impression.

Max would love to see The Space become a center for academic campus dialogue, and is committed to bringing unique programing to The Space.